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Life Insurance

Why Do You Need Life Insurance?

This is the primary tool for helping to protect your loved ones. Too often, families must bear the burden of making drastic decisions once a family member passes away. Life insurance helps support loved ones and helps ensure that your family can live comfortably even in the most difficult times.

An unfortunate tragedy is something that families understandably don't want to think about. However, it is important to take into account the possibility of unforseen circumstances occurring. That is what life insurance is all about. It isn't the affirmation of a tragic event taking place. Rather, it's the security of knowing that after you're gone, your family and the standard of living that you worked to provide for them will be maintained.

What Does Life Insurance Provide?

The security of long-term stability for your family in the event of unfortunate circumstances is a real consideration. Life insurance helps provide that peace of mind and financial security, including:

  • Financial Protection- Protect your family's standard of living after you're gone.
  • Retirement- Know that any final expenses, replacement of lost income and an income inheritance that is tax-free can be provided for your loved ones.
  • Debt- Financial obligations pertaining to outstanding debts, such as mortgages payments, can be eliminated.
  • Your kids- Help ensure that your kids are financially prepared for higher education so that they may be able to provide the same security for their own families.

1. Level Term Life Insurance offered through Gabor is the least expensive form of life insurance available through the University. Underwritten by Symetra Life Insurance Company.

Features of this plan include:

  • Easy Payroll Deduction.
  • Competitive Pricing. Level Term provides gender based ratings.
  • Predictable Premiums. Premiums will not increase during your initial term.
  • Customizable Coverage. Choose a term that fits your needs: 10, 15, 20, 30 years.
  • Advanced Access for Illness. If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • Portable Coverage. If you leave your job or retire, your policy goes with you with no increase in rates.

2.  Group Term Life is a low cost life insurance policy with coverage that does not decrease with age as long as employment continues and premiums are paid. This policy is offered Guaranteed Issue with no medical exam required during the first 60 days of employment or during periodic open enrollments up to four times annual salary with a maximum limit of $200,000. Employee spouses are also eligible for guaranteed coverage up to $50,000 if payroll deducted. Underwritten by Standard Insurance Company.

How We Can Provide Everyday Guidance

Investing in life insurance isn't a suggestion that you're preparing for the worst case scenario. It's an acknowledgement of the fact that you want to take care of those you care about under any and all circumstances. Our mission is to provide Everyday Guidance, and life insurance is one of the best ways that we can accomplish that mission. Make sure that your family's future is secure with life insurance from Gabor.

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